Sit back, eat something
delicious and relax

- you are in Tel Aviv!

Usiądź wygodnie, zjedz coś pysznego i odetchnij
- you are in Tel Aviv!





Tel Aviv Żoliborz
ul. Mickiewicza 19
01-517 Warszawa

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tel. 603 069 751

Opening hours
Monday - Saturday: 12:00 - 22:00
Niedziela: 12:00 – 21:00


Tel Aviv Poznańska
ul. Poznańska 11
00-680 Warszawa 

Organize event
tel. 22 621 11 28 

Opening hours
Monday - Thursday: 10:00 - 00:30
Friday - Saturday: 10:00 - 00:00
Sunday: 10:00 - 23:00


Tel Aviv Saska Kępa
ul. Zwycięzców 21
03-936 Warszawa

Organize event
tel. 500 050 444 

Opening hours
Monday - Tuesday: 12:00 - 23:00
Wednesday - Thursday: 10:00 - 23:00
Friday - Saturday: 10:00 - 00:00
Sunday: 10:00 - 22:30


Tel Aviv Młociny
Zgrupowania AK „Kampinos” 15
01-943 Warszawa

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Opening hours
Monday - Saturday: 10:00 - 22:00
Niedziela: Zamknięte



We do love food. Tahina flows in our veins. Hummus and falafel are our obsession. That’s why we’ve opened Tel Aviv - a place that allows us to share our beloved flavors. Here we bring back culinary memories from the Middle East, to infinitely improve them in our kitchen.

Are you wondering where is the restaurant with the prettiest garden? Where to eat the best mezze or vegie kebab? So what, we are four hours away from the green Rothschild Boulevard! It is enough to sit for a moment in our green oases to find the unpretentious atmosphere of Tel Aviv street. Visit one of Tel Aviv restaurants and feel at ease. You don't have to look far - we are just around the corner, in the most charming neighborhoods of Warsaw.

Trzy razy z rzędu byliśmy w Żółtym Przewodniku Gault&Millau Polska.
Jesteśmy na 12 miejscu wśród 50 najlepszych restauratorów na liście Forbes Polska. Dostaliśmy również prestiżową nagrodę Restauratora Roku na gali Best of Warsaw Warsaw Insider!


Remember how shuku haCarmel in Tel Aviv smells? Do you miss Jemaa el Fna in Marrakesh? Drop by our delicatessen. The best-stocked Middle Eastern delicatessen, a small shuk in Warsa, can be found in Tel Aviv at Zwycięzców 21. Here you can buy Middle Eastern mezze for a house party, fresh halva, nutty baklava, mixed spices. Every day in our deli we blend a wonderful, smooth and thick hummus. We also mix our spices. Baharat for rice, spicy ras el hanout perfect to season baked potatoes. Fresh zaatar owes the intensity of its flavor to the fact that it is made by us on the spot. We roast the sesame seeds, add sumac and grind all ingredients in a mortar, sprinkling with a drop of green olive oil. Add a few packages of olives and a pack of Greek bread to your basket. Party menu for the best time with your friends is ready!

You can buy delicatessen in our restaurants in Warsaw or order online.


Tel Aviv is a great place to party, don't you think? Invite your guests to make a birthday party to the cool spot. At Tel Aviv at Saska Kępa, we have a private room and a large garden where you can enjoy hot wine and soft candle light even in winter.

In the downtown on Poznańska street, in an intimate atmosphere, you will receive guests at a long table made of ash wood, and at Żoliborz you may arrange business chats over a glass of Israeli wine. Below you will find a menu that we may serve your guests. Contact the chosen venue to reserve time and place. It's great that you will spend important moments with us. We will do everything to make you happy.


In Warsaw you will find us in 4 locations. * The oldest and iconic Tel Aviv is at Poznańska 11, str. Here time slows down. Here you will feel like in Israel. * The largest one is at Saska Kępa. We invite you to a beautiful garden hidden at the back of our restaurant. Take a walk around Francuska street and drop by Tel Aviv at Zwycięzców 21 str. * The most intimate, charming atmosphere, perfect for dates is Tel Aviv in Żoliborz. In summer, we invite you to the terrace under the treetops at Mickiewicza 19 str.

Hummus is already an international dish, but if hummus and falafel are not your favorite dishes, we invite you to try the variety of the Mediterranean food, and in it something that will satisfy your hunger for kebab - pita gyros, with excellent, slightly spicy soy meat ;-). We also have vege-burgers with fries, mezze sets and tapas. For dessert, sweet, nutty baklava, or sesame halva. You don't like Israeli wine? We have a whole international wine list, craft beer and brilliant cocktails. Here you will see the BEVERAGES we offer ...

If you are going out with friends, be sure to make a reservation on our website There you’ll find buttons redirecting you to the booking system. This is the fastest and surest way to make a booking. When the restaurant is busy, we will not always be able to answer the phone. We don't always read Messenger either. Book through the booking system.

Yes, you can make a group booking. Call and check how it easy. 

We love it when you spend important moments with us. A place for a birthday party? Or maybe an informal business meeting? Do you want to organize a family? Christening, bar mitzvah, consolations ... we have experience in everything. Click here  . 

We do not do typical catering, but you can order ready-made sets for your corporate event or home party. Click here and see what we offer

Of course we have a vege menu. The entire menu is vegetarian and vegan. We are a vege restaurant, one of the oldest in Poland. Your omnivore friends will find plenty of flavors and textures to satisfy their need for a meat dish. Shawarma, gyros, falafels, burger ... You will be satisfied!

Sure, we deliver! We have a slightly different menu for delivery than in the restaurants. We want the dishes to reach your home in the best possible condition. That’s why we offer "transport-proof" dishes only. You can order online here.

We have beautiful summer gardens. You can choose the colorful garden at Poznańskia 11 str. with a view of the entire street. Here you will feel like on vacation somewhere in Tel Aviv. On a beautifully renovated cobbled street illuminated with antique lamps, among old tenement houses, you will immerse yourself in the city buzz.

Again, our summer garden at Zwycięzców 21 str is one of the most beautiful places at Saska Kępa neighborhood. To discover it, you have to go inside where you’ll go through the portal to the enchanted garden. Here the outer world doesn’t exist.

The garden at 19 Mickiewicza str  invites you with an unpretentious atmosphere. Here you will feel good with a glass of cool Israeli wine. Here you can read a book, talk about Jarmush's films after leaving the cinema. Here you can.

Yes, we have a cocktail bar! We have a short cocktail menu as we specialize in seasonal cocktails. You can see the cocktail menu here.We also serve classic cocktails. Mojito, Long Island Tea, Aperol Spritz ...

Are you wondering where to hang out with your friends? In Tel Aviv you will have a great start to the evening. But you can also start and finish. This is the best place for a casual getaway for a drink or a glass of wine during the week. Remember to make a reservation during the weekend.

We are one of the first "dog friendly" places in Poland.

Yes, with the kitten too. But be careful, we also guest dogs.

Yes, with the parrot too. But be careful, we also guest cats.


Odkryłam go dzięki seminarium dla młodych żydowskich dyplomatów. To było dość zaskakujące, bo ani nie byłam wtedy już taka młoda, ani tym bardziej dyplomatka, wręcz przeciwnie…
Za’atar – przyprawa wszechobecna w bliskowschodniej kuchni. Jej aromat zabiera mnie do Ziemi Świętej, która jest już taka tylko z nazwy…
To dosyć naiwne myśleć, że Słońce jest nieśmiałe, ale ono przedziera się naprawdę nieśmiało przez grube zasłony chroniące sypialnię przed światłem.
Są tematy, które w towarzystwie należy podnosić ostrożnie. Na przykład polityka. Albo hummus. Naprawdę! Jeśli nie wierzysz, że pasta z ciecierzycy może wywołać tak gorące emocje

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§ 14 lit i) Regulaminu ubiegania się o udział w programie rządowym „Tarcza Finansowa 2.0 Polskiego Funduszu Rozwoju dla mikro, małych i średnich firm” zobowiązuje beneficjenta do „umieszczenia na swojej stronie internetowej lub na koncie w mediach społecznościowych, w miejscu widocznym dla osób odwiedzających, informacji o uzyskaniu Subwencji Finansowej wraz ze wskazaniem, że podmiotem udzielającym wsparcia był PFR oraz utrzymywania tej informacji przez okres 12 miesięcy od dnia udzielenia Subwencji Finansowej (o ile Beneficjent posiada stronę internetową lub konto w mediach społecznościowych);”



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