Tel Aviv street food challenges every stereotype: the traditional Jewish cuisine was almost entirely ousted by Arab influences, and the plant-based foods have been gradually displacing meat. Our menu is very Near Eastern but at the same time very familiar. You will find all your favourite entrées (mezze), several types of hummus, sandwiches, filling soups, pitas and fragrant sauces. We also have burgers, shawarmas, vegan wines, drinks, desserts and… shakshouka! And yes, everything is vegan. Yes, meat eaters also enjoy our dishes. After all, aren’t we challenging the stereotypes?

*the following menu is valid for the Tel Aviv Urban Food Locations at Poznańska 11, al. Niepodległości 142a and Mickiewicza 19 in Warsaw as well as at Piotrkowska 122 in Łódź.

Prices may a bit differ.


Permanent special offer: between 12 and 4 p.m. you can eat for as little as 20 for a lunch menu (soup + main dish)! Our lunch menu changes every two weeks. We separated it into “eggplant” and “carrot” sections. Ask at the location which of the two types is currently available! Check them here.


Do you think hummus no longer has the ability to surprise you? Just try the coco curry one! Or the one with Moroccan pickles. Or… All right, they are all waiting for you.


No matter how much you eat - there will always be place left for a dessert - and our desserts are exceptionally healthy. All of them sugar-free and gluten-free. And vegan as well, of course. Ask the servers about today’s selection of cakes and desserts!


A weekend without feast is no weekend! A day without breakfast will no longer be the same. We serve breakfast between up to 2 p.m. 7 days  a week!


Organic, vegan, fabulous wines. Yet, they are also gluten-free. You don’t have to be a connoisseur - we will help you!


Cool and refreshing - for hot Israeli days - or warm and stimulating - for cold Polish winters. Always fresh and full of natural fragrance - all year round.

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