Malka Kafka

Start-up enthusiast and restaurant owner, urban shaman. She promotes respecting our world, healthy lifestyle and mindful eating, as well as economic independence.

It’s thanks to Malka that you can enjoy the fantastic food and friendly atmosphere at all our locations. She’s the Queen Mother of Tel Aviv Food & Wine and the person behind the concept of Tel Aviv Urban Food. A born visionary, with a psychology diploma, Jewish roots and true passion for running a restaurant. She used to work in marketing and management for many years but now she’s fully devoted to the issues of food and knowledge about food.

Urban shaman

Malka is involved in a start-up that produces technologically advanced food. Responsible eating and the influence of consumption on nature and eonomy are issues she greatly cares about. Although she feels close to nature her true home is in the urban landscape – half in Warsaw, half in Tel Aviv, entirely for you. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with others – she appears in media, writes articles, holds demonstrations and culinary workshops in Poland and abroad.

Just flow

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If you want to get to know Malka, write at malka.kafka@gmail.com – – she’ll surely answer!