How about leaving everything behind and starting a restaurant?

tel aviv franczyza

If you like the way we manage our restaurants and feel like doing the same under our logo – do let us know. If you think you can do better than us – do let us know. We care about people who care. A restaurant chain approach is something we strongly oppose. When the opening of new locations increases profit at the cost of business ethics or customer satisfaction clearly things are going the wrong way. Do you agree with out philosophy? Do you know of a place where a Tel Aviv Urban Food restaurant would fit well? Send us a message – we’re sure to make it work!

Why Tel Aviv?

The rapidly rising number of vegans, vegetarians and other people who want to limit their consumption of meat causes increased interest in restaurants with this type of cuisine. Warsaw is the third city in the world when it comes to number of vegan  restaurants per inhabitant. This trend has to reach the entire country, like in the rest of Europe and America. This is why we encourage you to open restaurants in partnership with us in other cities: remember, at least 8% of the people from your city is waiting for a good vegan place!.

In Tel Aviv locations you will find the best Israeli street food and amazing new offers. Hummuses, burgers and falafels. Mezze and sauces filled with fragrant spices. Filling but low-calorie lunches that can be freely arranged according to customer’s wishes. Delicious beverages and vegan wines and desserts. We don’t use animal products, we avoid sugar and gluten, and we carefully check the provenance of the products that end up on our customers’ tables.

The atmosphere at our restaurants is very relaxed. We miss the simple friendliness of Tel Aviv streets and wished to recreate the same ambience for our guests. We decided on casual decor and easy-going atmosphere so that everybody can feel at home. Our restaurants are places where you can both have a filling meal or nibble on a light lunch, sit down with your laptop to focus on a project or lounge with your friends for a session of wine and gossip. You can visit us in a suit or in slippers – we won’t mind. You can take with you mum, you boss, a friend, a child or a dog. Everyone is welcome and nothing and nobody can rattle us.

Our team is made up of caring and committed people. We work quickly and efficiently.

tel aviv franczyza

Who are we looking for?

We can offer our partners three concepts. Mini – like in our location in Hala Gwardii. Midi – an example of this kind of concept you can find in Żoliborz. Finally Maxi – a big restaurant like at our location at Poznańska. We’re looking for partners in Warsaw and other cities. The concepts require different surface area – respectively 20m2, 50m2 and about 150m2 – which of course entails a different scale of investment.

tel aviv franczyza