Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the capital of food, and we love food. There is liquid tahina flowing through our veins. We are constantly obsessed with hummus and falafels. This is why opened Tel Aviv Urban Food: the place that lets us share our favourite flavours, and where we can bring our culinary memories from the Near East as souvenirs and forever improve and polish them in our kitchen.

Street life and divine food

W jedzeniu nie When it comes to food, we don’t do compromises. It took us months to finally produce the perfect vegan mayonnaise. We only use the best plant-based ingredients. We avoid gluten and sugar. It gives us immense satisfaction to debunk the myths about supposedly monotonous vegan cuisine: just try out melting-in-the-mouth eggplant and you will readily admit that plant-based diet is the way to go. We never tire of experiments – every bite of our dishes will enchant your senses with the multitude of flavours, textures and aromas. This is the reason why we there is always a crowd of happy customers at all our locations, and this is why our restaurant was included in the Gaul & Millau guidebook. Instead of simply enjoying our success we decided to open ourselves to the city. After all, isn’t Tel Aviv always vibrant with street life?

So what if we need to fly four hours to reach the green Rotschild boulevard? To discover the easy-going atmosphere of Tel Aviv streets it’s enough to sit in our garden. Visit one of our locations and feel free. You don’t have to look far – we’re right around the corner, in the most charming quarters of Warsaw.

You’re in Tel Aviv!

Bring with you your girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, grandpa or your boss! Come wearing slippers and an old T-shirt, with a tiny baby or a large dog. Eat something light and delicious or fill your stomach with food until it bursts. Find some extra place for a dessert. Buy a takeaway lunch or while away time until you’re late for an important meeting. Relax with a glass of excellent wine or have a whole bottle. Brag, tell a joke or complain about your life: we will listen to you attentively and feed you. Sit down, eat something tasty and relax – you’re in Tel Aviv!